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Why oil analytics is important

Oils which are used in e.g. wind turbines, industrial facilities and construction machinery, fulfil a wide variety of functions like lubricating moving parts, cooling and corrosion protection. Oil becomes contaminated by dust, water and wear particles. Contact with oxygen and high operating temperatures increase the ageing speed. If the oil remains in the machine longer than appropriate, this can lead to oil-related damage. The oil contains information about its own condition, as well as that of the machine. Therefore, regular oil analyses can help to detect problems early. They provide additional information on the best time for an oil change.


Why choose OELCHECK?

OELCHECK is the leading laboratory for lubricant and operating substance analyses in Europe. We analyse oil, grease and coolant samples with over 90 different analysis devices. With our practical all-inclusive analysis kits, you always get the right analysis scope for your sample.

Your advantages

Sample analysis in GermanyDiagnosis of the laboratory values by experienced tribologists in GermanyLaboratory report in German, English, Chinese or another language available

Special delivery serviceLaboratory report within 5 working daysPassword protected access to the laboratory results online

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OelChecker Spring 2018 is ready for download!

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